Terms Of Service

(1) Strict no refund policy
We rarely will offer refunds for simple reasons. The only times we will mainly give out refunds is for strong issues. (more can be read about this on the home page)

(2) When purchasing an item on our store you agree to that you have input your correct details and correct in game name. You agree that you acknowledge you need to be online when purchasing an item incase of any problems. If you loose an item even after you have read and accept the TOS this is your fault and we will try our best to help you.

(3) Chargebacks.

You agree that you will NOT chargeback yourself or any other members. Purchasing an item for someone and then charging back that item to get them permanently banned is strictly prohibited. As a result you will be perm banned from the server. 

(4) Purchasing

When purchasing an item it may take time to be received. This may take up to 10 - 15 minutes so please wait and do not contact Mojang as they are not affiliated with this server.