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PlayVoid is a brand new minecraft experience. We are trying to make a unique and exciting experience for all players so people come back. The server starts off as skyblock and as our community grows we will introduce a hub, and other game modes. If you want to see more of our server and for the community to grow please consider donating as it would really help the server grow quicker than ever. 

Note to parents:

We understand that the idea of your child wanting to purchase something in an online world is concerning. So, we will explain to you what it means when purchasing something here. Your child starts off with a "default rank" this rank contains lots of perks, commands, items and lots of activities to get engaged with. When purchasing something from our store, your child is rewarded with more perks/items depending on the package. This will make the gameplay experience much more enjoyable for your child. 

Please Note:

As these payments are made via Buycraft they may take about 5 - 20 minutes to finally come through. If you have not received your payment after this amount of time Please contact us in the discord server down below and we will sort something out. Please do not contact Mojang as they have nothing to do with Buycraft payments. 

Terms of Service:

Since the items you are purchasing are digital intangible items the refund police is strict there for as we do not offer refunds unless something horrible happens.

Example: You purchase a skyblock item and you get insided after purchase. These are the kinds of things we will refund you for. All you need to do is send us proof that you purchased it and if you can screenshot messages of you being scammed / insided. Scams do also get refunded for. 


At the current moment we only accept PayPal payments but in the future we will add more. Please create a PayPal account as it is very quick and easy to setup. 

-Play Void Management Team, If you feel like something here is missed or if you have more messages please contact a staff in our discord server.



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